Are you a fast-paced professional, who is busy and overloaded?

Do you wish you could relax a little, and sometimes forget how to unplug?

This meditation series has been created by Charlotte Smith, The Life Design Coach, to help you shift your energy from stressed, demotivated & disengaged to rejuvenated, positive and forward thinking.

The mission- Taking you from stuck to limitless.

Would you like to...

• Find clarity in your thought, get in flow, and have a new level of focus?

• Work in your zone of genius daily and step into the productive, high performance you?

• Feel excited energized & limitless in your life, and career/business?

• Find time for yourself, your health and your wellbeing?

• Have more joy and purpose in life?

Start here....

Hi, I’m Charlotte, The Life Design Coach

I work with with fast-paced men and women in life & in business, to move from overload and stress, to clarity of mind, flow and focus through coaching and consulting. 

Practising as a lawyer at a top UK law firm for 7 years, I understand what it feels like to be overloaded. I am here to help you find practical solutions to shift your energy, attitude, head-space or perspective, to a more productive, positive and forward moving place.

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Meditations & Centering For Upgrading

Beat Overload and Uplevel In Life

Join Charlotte Smith, The Life Design Coach for 6 bespoke centering and meditations, designed to help you beat overload and uplevel in all areas of your lide.